Tuesday, August 16, 2011



With the volume of close up images I have been taking around the gardens, it was only a matter of time before I would begin to see the basic building blocks of flower development.

The tiny flower, (above), has nearly the exact structure of a sunflower.

Note the black and yellow striped stem like structures that stick out from the yellow tubes with petal openings. The tops of them have a 5 point star, as does the little flower in Dorthy’s garden.

A Lady Gives Me The Bird

This little house guest may become a permanent member of my household if I don’t find someone who is looking for a parakeet, soon. If she is here more than a few days, we will likely bond and become family. It happens. The next thing you know, it will want to play and I will want to see what it can do, then I’ll be making little costumes and toy cars for it to ride on for cute pet videos.

More From The Garden

The Snow Has Melted

Lassen looks great with or without a cover of snow. There still is some left, but it is melting quickly in the late summer heat.

Time for me to turn on the TV set and watch a baseball game. The Orioles, (more birds), are playing the A’s in Oakland. Sandy and Stuart Taylor drove down to see the game along with members of Sandi’s family to cheer on their relative who pitches for the Orioles. They will be seated behind home plate, so I must look and see if they are waving a sign saying ‘Hello Redding’. UPDATE: I couldn't find the game on TV! I shall use the computer instead.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Bach To The Future

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