Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Beyond The Muddled

You probably have noticed that I am fascinated by nature, and take a lot of pictures of flowers, ( wild and cultivated ), and that I have many pictures of day lilies. Here are a couple to illustrate this next tidbit of informative daylily-ness.

I was reading an article in the Christian Science Monitor that referenced names for the many different daylilies. There are over 70,000 different Hemerocallis, (which means “beauty for a day” in Greek), and an additional 1,000 are registered each year.

Here is a bit of the article about daylily names;

By Karan Davis Cutler
The possibilities not only challenge my imagination but tickle my funny bone.
What about a daylily love-in? ‘Big Honking French Kisses’ alongside ‘Gaudy Kisses’, ‘Kiss My Buds’, ‘Kissy Face’, ‘Auntie’s Lipstick Kisses’, ‘Bullfrog Kisses’, ‘Vampire’s Kiss’, and ‘Kissiepoo.’
I could plant a daylily library of American classics, beginning with ‘Little Women’, ‘Look Homeward Angel,’ ‘Moby Dick’, ‘Tobacco Road’, and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Movie titles also are popular: ‘Star Wars’, ‘White Christmas’, ‘Gone With the Wind’, ‘Lion King’, ‘Singing in the Rain’, ‘Wizard of Oz’, even ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

In addition to their beauty, you can eat them; Good Enough To Eat.

Change Of Diet


Photo credit - Huffington Post

President Bill Clinton has changed his ways, and is enjoying the benefits of healthy eating, after two heart surgeries to repair the damages from poor dietary choices.

Today’s politicians have a lot to learn from Mr. Clinton, like how he balanced our federal budget.

Here are two stories about his new veggie awareness.

Los Angeles Times

Huffington Post

Fibanocci Inspired Solar Array

13 year old Alden Dwyer and his experiment

Here are two sources for the story;



Star Topped Celery Seed Things

I’m pretty sure that’s the scientific description of these parts of the flower structure, shared by the large sunflower, (left), and the little flower , (right), growing down at the west end of Dorothy’s garden. I tried to show this in a previous post, but today I got a better picture of the sunflower-like apparatus in the little flower. They must be related.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Fiddling Around

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