Monday, August 1, 2011

What A Day

To Be Alive

On the bank of the Sacramento river.

I hope I didn’t scare away the salmon with my bright, white, old guy legs. It was a good day to stop and watch the river flow.

There were a few errands to take care of in town, and since one must cross the river on the short trip from my apartment to downtown Redding, I took advantage of my circumstances and whereabouts to take a few pictures to share with you.

This lone fortnight lily insisted on a closeup just outside the U.S. Bank.

This rose at the Treehouse still had intricate beauty left to admire.

I have to think that my joy of just being alive was interacting with the camera and the beautiful life forms that I was enjoying. The pictures are the subject of today’s blog, and they are worth thousands of happy words.

These leaves are all the same color, it is the sunlight through, and upon them that is creating different hues.

I am so glad you can see this, too.

It was like holding a bird on my hand.

This gift of life fills me with joy and appreciation.

I hope that these images from today, put a little extra sunshine in your heart.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Grateful To Be Aware

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