Wednesday, August 24, 2011


At The Lake

Yesterday was a spectacular evening at the Shasta Dam overlook. Mount Shasta was catching the last of the sunlight on it’s partially snowy slopes. The sunlight was above the 7,000 foot elevation, leaving everything below in twilight.

I took many pictures in the fading light and when I got them home on the computer, I saw an opportunity to play with the images. I had some fun...

Then, just to see how it looked, I took the image to another dimension.

Earlier in the day, yesterday, I was checking the volcano from various view points close to home, to see if it was a good enough picture day to justify the gallon of gas it would take to go to the lake and back.

From Hilltop and I-5

There was flowering ground cover on the dirt at my feet when I took the picture through the trees. Luckily, I noticed just before I stepped on one. It must have been screaming at me in ‘plant language’ so that somehow I heard it and looked down.

Even from the 2nd floor stairwell, it looked like I should drive up and get some pictures of Shasta in the setting sun.

Playing around with effects is fun and it makes for interesting pictures, but the images I got of Shasta in the last of the sunlight yesterday evening, spoke volumes even without enhancement.

So, for your enjoyment, I put together a little something.

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