Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creative People

Doing Interesting Things

From Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy
Gordan Ugarkovic is a Croatian software developer, but in his spare time takes data from spacecraft and makes simply devastating portraits from them. Like this one of Saturn’s moons Tethys and Titan as seen by Cassini. (More)

Creative Researchers

Researchers are using hair analysis to determine just how important salmon is to the survival of grizzly bears.

Even though the salmon runs only last for three of the six months that grizzly bears are active (they sleep during  the winter), isotope analysis of their hair has shown that as much as 95 percent of their annual diet comes from salmon, the remainder is mostly berries and plants. (Slide Show)

With A Little Help,
I Get Creative Photos

There I was, minding my own business taking pictures of flowers, when I heard the sound of hummingbird wings right next to my ear. I turned to look, and there was a hummingbird, inches from my face, looking me in the eye. I guess he liked what he saw because he hung around and even felt comfortable enough to sip from the flowers right at my feet. I was caught off guard and unprepared for taking hummingbird pictures, but still managed to get the settings right for a couple of candid images. What a joyful moment.

A Bug Poses

Some of the macro pictures require that the lens be right on the subject, just an inch or so from what is being captured in a closeup. Usually, the bees, flies, beetles, and spiders will run or fly away, but sometimes they don’t seem to mind me taking their picture.

Holding Flowers up to the Lens

Lately, there have been some flowers that are drooping, or pointing at the ground and they don’t seem to mind that I hold them where the lens and light will show off their beautiful shapes and colors.

Thanks to Creative Applications

Sometimes there will be the perfect flower for a picture, but I may have not properly focused and the slightly blurred result distracts from the composition. I like the colors and shapes, but what can I do? In years past, I would just throw the picture in the trash, but instead, thanks to creative software developers, there are applications that allow me to rise above the flaws so I am able to present the beauty that is in the image.

Edible Art

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of breakfast. It was such a tasty, nutritious, and colorful way to begin the day, that I had to present it here for your ocular enjoyment.

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