Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Couple Of Things

That Crossed My Mind

I really enjoy breakfast.

Particularly with all the fresh organic fruit that is available.

Most of the smoke from the wildfires has dissipated and we were greeted today with a clear blue sky. The blue made nice backgrounds when taking photographs of the flowers.

Everybody had a nice smile on today, including Carlos, and his mail truck.

This zinnia, or as I call it, “pineapple looking thing”, was real happy to have some blue sky and direct sunlight today. I found this, among others, in a happy garden box behind B building.

The Band At Lulu’s

Billy on bass, and Mike on drums, have been helping John and I fill out the band for the last few weeks. We're beginning to make knowledgeable adjustments and the sound is turning out alright. We even have worked out some arrangements of the original tunes that sound pretty good.

Sometimes I'm amazed at the mind’s ability to store data. Like the data I have stored to be able to recall all the information necessary to sing and play the hundreds of songs that I have learned, heard, or written through the years.

Life is amazing, fascinating, and filled with an abundance of delightful experiences.

I am grateful that we have all been given this precious present of possibilities.

I could see Lassen this evening, and so could the camera.

Today’s Video;

Listen to the heart of Tuscany from Gunther Machu on">Vimeo

Sound Observations 

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