Saturday, September 1, 2012

Red And Blue

Sun And Moon

Blueberries and red strawberries, too.

This has been a week of red and blue, and I am not talking about politics. I am referring to the real world. The smoke from the wildfires has made for some reddish skies over Redding, and we have the August blue moon tonight.

On Thursday, just before I played and sang at the Shasta Blues Society Blues Jam, I went out on the Sundial Bridge to see if there was a good shot of red sunlight on the waters of the Sacramento river.

It was amazing. I was not disappointed. There were guys wearing waders, and guys fishing from drift boats on the sun splashed river.

I was thinking that it would make a good composition if the the guys in the boat would move over into the red water. Fortune smiled on me, again. I am very thankful.

Red Violin

John finished the red violin this week, and it is exquisite.

Blue Moon

I stepped outside 3 different times to get the perfect blue moon image. The first one has an orange cast because of the lingering smoke from the wildfires.

I went back out an hour later, after it had time to rise above the thick layer.

It still looked a little tan, so I went out again, before midnight, to get another shot while it was still officially a blue moon.

And there you have a nice clear image of the blue moon.

What? Oh, you were expecting a blue colored moon? I could fake that by tinting the picture blue, but the Blue Moon is rarely ever blue colored.

“A Blue Moon can be the second full moon in a month. Or it can be the third of four full moons in a season”. (Good Article)

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