Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vanishing Act

Smoke And Mirrors


Yesterday daytime

Yesterday Evening

Well, smoke anyway. The mountains surrounding Redding, have been vanishing in the haze of smoke from the wildfires, then reappearing when the smoke lifts, a fire is temporarily contained, or the wind changes direction.

Happy Bees

That one bee is really tiny

The catnip, or I should say, “bee-nip”, effect of this rose’s pollen is once again attracting bees, this year. I happened to notice this bee, yesterday, that just couldn’t keep from rolling around and rubbing its face in the interior of the roses on this bush. I took a few pictures;

Amazing Pictures Of Isaac

If you haven’t seen these satellite images yet, be amazed. If you have seen them already, be amazed again. What wonderful technical marvels we have today.

Kits In The Night

I was out taking pictures of the moon last night, when I saw what looked like a couple of graceful cats coming up the driveway. When they got closer, I realized that these were the fox babies that were born under the tool shed last spring.

I didn’t have the TZ3 with its automatic intelligent setting feature, but I pointed the FZ5 in their general direction and hoped for the best. I watched them for awhile, then as I went to go get the other camera, they went on their way.

I will have to remember to take both Lumix cameras when I go out at night. Just in case I encounter some more of nature’s magical beings in the moonlight.

Another Cactus Flower

Dorothy advised me on Monday, that her cactus was about to bloom. She pointed out that I would have to get up in the morning to take pictures before it went away. I did get up and take pictures, and it did dry up and go away in the afternoon.

What a great time to be alive.

Today’s Flowery Video;

Abundance Abounds

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