Monday, August 6, 2012

Naturally Air Conditioned

Richmond, CA

Before I left Redding, early this morning, I checked the Richmond weather forecast. It called for high temperatures hovering around 64. I left my shorts and sandals at home.

It is very pleasant here. No air conditioner sounds. Even the usual city sounds seem muted, for the most part. I took a few pictures during the day of Marian’s garden flora.

It is fun to see new shapes and colors in different lighting and shadow. As usual, a close examination reveals new parts of flowers that I have managed to overlook for years. I am glad I have the time, and inclination to discover more than I knew about the magical, fascinating world we live in.

We played some of the tunes we will likely use at the Richmond Museum of History this Tuesday afternoon. I enjoy being part of the LMP Trio. It is a pleasure to play with Leona and Marian.

I recorded our rehearsal with the MacBook and I tested out the Blue FIRe recorder app for a 3rd track. I used a condenser mic with a Tascam interface that plugs into the iPod Touch for recording the guitar.

This App is capable of professional studio quality, (44.1 kHz), data capture and it didn’t disappoint. After listening to the results that I got with the free version, I went ahead and bought the full featured App.

Hot Chocolate

As usual, there was delicious food aplenty, all day. Thank you, Marian and Leona.

Egg and olive sandwich

Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans

Marian made a giant batch of whipped cream, which we used to smother strawberries.

What a nice day of music, food and flowers. And, we also found time to play a game of Scrabble. What fun.

Oh yeah, I mustn't forget the cat, Saki. She is currently asleep next to my head on the back of the couch as I write this.

On the deck, Sunday afternoon

That completes today’s update. Tomorrow, I hope to get pictures of a few interesting Bay Area points of interest. All is well and life is good, I hope that speaks for your condition and circumstances, too.

Congratulations Mars rover, Curiosity.

Today’s Video;

Light Reflections

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