Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dry Conditions

High Temperatures

Smoke billows into the sky like thunderclouds. At last report, the Ponderosa fire was 12,000 acres. Read News Report

There are some fires to the north, in Siskiyou county, that have burned 5,000 acres so far. It is extremely hot and dry this year, and the slightest spark or flame can set the woods and grassland ablaze very quickly.

Tonight, when I was at the Sunday Blues Jam, I spoke with Donee Papenheim about how she and her family were doing in Oak Run, (She is the assistant fire chief of the the volunteer fire department there). She said she had been working at the various fires for the past couple of days, but that Oak Run was okay so far.

I had a good time playing music at the jam tonight. John Harrisson and a couple of other musicians I know played with me and it was nice. We weren’t too loud, we started and ended the songs well, the dancers danced, and people applauded enthusiastically. A good time was had by all.

Upside Down Breakfast

I started putting the fruit in my cereal bowl before I realized there wasn't any cereal in it. I looked at the couple of strawberry pieces and figured I would just put all the fruit in, then add the flakes. The flakes stayed crisper throughout breakfast than when they are on the bottom. I may try that again.

The flowers around the Treehouse are not as numerous these days, but their colors and designs are delightful to see.

I followed the life of the surprise Sterling rose that popped up last week. It was a bud one day and a bloom the next. Using iMovie, I made a little slide show of its brief appearance. After adding some Sterling rose music, recorded on GarageBand, I uploaded the result to YouTube and put it here for the video of the day.

Today’s Video;

Life Is Amazing

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