Friday, August 24, 2012

Smoke Gets In Your

Eyes, Lungs, Hair, and Clothes

I didn't realize that after an extended period of days, the breathing of smoke filled air, would have me feeling like I'm running out of oxygen, (or steam, pep, gumption, go power).

Of course, it could be something completely unrelated to the smoke-filled skies over Redding. Maybe I need to eat more spinach.

I stopped by John's shop and asked him about a bay area violin seller that Marian had sent me a newspaper clipping about. She thought it might be of interest to John.

John told me the story of leaving one of his violins with that violin shop on consignment, a few years ago. They sold it, but it took several months before they admitted it and paid John without telling him how much it sold for, or who they sold it to. After that experience, he told me he felt that it was a shady operation and he would have nothing to do with them again.

Small world, isn’t it?

Here, (above), is a little yellow rose that I took a picture of on Thursday.

This next picture is the same rose photographed today.

Last night, just before I played at Lulu’s for the Shasta blues Society, someone came up and handed me a picture from the Jefferson State Blues Society, Sunday jam, that showed me wearing exactly the same clothes I had on. I guess I will have to write down what I wear and where I wore it, each time I play.

Phil and John at the Old School Restaurant. (photo credit - Rocky)

The flowers around the Treehouse continue to come and go on different shifts. I know they certainly provide me with hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

Some of the evacuated residents from Manton and other mountain areas, are being allowed to return to their homes as the Ponderosa fire is nearly 70% contained. (Story Here)

People are advised to limit their activities in the smoky conditions. I believe I will begin right now by limiting my activity to eating a piece of apple pie and ice cream.

Today’s Video;

Little Grass Shack

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