Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap

Getting Current

Let’s begin with Saturday’s flower pictures under smoke filled skies;

There was even more fun and frolicking in the form of testing the recent upgrades to the Gif Maker App. Here is the Saturday experiment;

But will it work here? I haven’t done a lot of gif making. Usually, the gifs that I put on here, are from some other blog or website.

A Visit From Marian

I liked seeing Marian up here in Redding. She had a chance to see where I live, and got a few brief glimpses of some of the places featured in this blog. She and her friend, Jim, came up with her son, Alan and his friend Don, to attend a wedding out at the Lazy K Ranch.

Another Gif Perhaps?

In this case I used the Blogger editor to insert the gif. Maybe that will work.

Modern Transport Pod

Alan, Don, Marian, and Jim loaded up and drove back to Richmond a little after noon today.

It was nice to see everyone, and I hope to see Marian up here on more excursions in the future.

Probably when it’s not so hot outside.

A New Sterling Rose

This scrawny, spindly, handful of stems that rises just a few inches from the dirt by the patio, is producing another one of the most beautiful roses among the hundreds that bloom here at the Treehouse. I will keep pointing the lens at it while it matures.

The crepe myrtles that were planted last year along the driveway, are still interesting even though they are coming to the end of blooming this season. Those little balls pop open like popcorn kernels. What fun.

Tomorrow, I play with Peggy Richardson for the Monday Music Fest here at the Treehouse. It will be fun to hear Peggy play the new piano.

Earlier this evening I played at the Old School Restaurant for the Jefferson State Blues Society. I was kind of hoping to play with some players of my own choice so we could work out some new tunes, but as Forrest Gump might say, (had he been a musician); “A blues jam is like a box of chocolates...” And, that’s all I am going to say about that.

I didn’t know until I saw this tomato shot on the computer, that it included a wasp floating by, casually dangling its legs.

Not far from the tomato and wasp, grows this rose, seemingly lost in a dream. I don’t know what kind it is, but it sure has a lot of crinkled, peeling, petals.

Well now, I am nearly caught up with the images of the past few days, and I can devote a bit of time to some other forms of artistic communication. The possibilities are unlimited. Life is good.

Today’s Earthy Video;

As Seen From Above

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