Saturday, August 4, 2012


Looking Around

If you haven’t picked up some of Driscoll's Organic Strawberries at Safeway, you might want to take your club card and 3 bucks to your nearby store so you can get some. My neighbor, Linda, gave them a rave review. So, yesterday, after I played at Lulu’s I stopped and picked up a box. 

They are as delicious as she said.

The flowers in the garden continue to be fascinating. Even though the temperature was 106° today, as long as they have water, the flowers seem to be happy.

The dahlias are growing in some really odd shapes, color combinations, and sizes.

The warm weather seems to accelerate the growth process for the roses along the driveway. They’ll be budding one day, abloom the next, and fade away the following afternoon.

It's a good thing I take all the pictures that I do.

I had this lemon cucumber as my salad for dinner tonight. It was really tasty.

It inspired me to play with a picture. I call this next image, The Cucumber Eater;

I took another picture of the full moon last night that I like to share tonight. I think it's particularly sharp and clear, one of the best moon pictures I've taken with the Lumix camera.

So there you have it. Another day, here at Phil’s Place.

Today’s Tribute Video;

Mihaela Ursuleasa

Music Is Everlasting

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