Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Sunset

Smokey Skies

The afternoon sun was interesting light for the flowers. The air smelled like campfire ashes, and it sort of felt like the air was filled with ashes, too.

On the other hand, the muted red light brought out a wide range of color in the flowers.

The reddish light of the sun brought out pink and orange hues in the white flowers.

The Monday Music Floorshow

The dancing flower and hula girl tirelessly perform during the music that Peggy and I play on Mondays. The reddish light of the low afternoon sun didn’t affect them since they were being powered from an east facing window.

The whipped cream experiments continue to be successful. I tried saving some extra whip cream from a couple nights ago in a airtight container as Marian suggested, and it worked.

You know things are pretty good here in America. We have the largest economy of any country in the world. Nine out of 10 of the workforce are working, and we have a mission on Mars that is successful. It wasn't for FOX News and their 24-7 complaining, most people would find themselves happy with their lives, our president, and our recovering economy.

Today’s Nice Video;

Portraitfilm - Töpferei Kohler Schüpbach (Emmental) from Peter Schurte on">Vimeo

From Dirt To The Dining Table

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