Friday, August 10, 2012

Hot On The Trail

Catching Up To Tuesday

At my last report, I was still in Richmond and we had discovered that the Tuesday afternoon LMP Trio job was canceled. The guests of honor were needed at the refinery to deal with the fire.

I bid a fond adieu to Marian, Leona, and Sake the cat.

After loading up the Buick, it was time to head back to Redding.

I spent some time at Caldwell Park on the Sacramento River enjoying the cool breezes wafting off the 58° water. The salmon and geese love that temperature.

Looking up river, I noticed that there was something larger than geese floating on the water. I zoomed in to get a better look.

Evidently kids like the 58° water too. These two were coming down the river on their paddle-boards.

Dakota, one of the paddle-boarders, dove off the pier at the boat ramp so I could take this action shot. The other paddle-boarder, Tyrone, performed this dive into a hidden pool to complete the set of action photos.

It was refreshing and cool by the river, but the flowers at the Treehouse were calling for their time in front of the lens.

Outside at the Treehouse, it was a toasty 104 degrees.

The light was right and the flowers looked beautiful with a lot of detail and color.

My neighbor, Jo Anna, met me as I was coming in from the outside and showed me the rose that grows on her balcony. She brought it out on the landing so that I could take a picture of the latest bloom in the sunlight.

After my journey, and photography adventures, I came in and had some apple pie and ice cream, with a tasty serving of fresh whipped cream on top.

That about catches up on Tuesday's events.

As for Wednesday, that was eventful too.

There were some wonderful flower pictures on Wednesday, and you can see them Here.

Today’s Video;

WTPh? - What the Phonics from Andrew Spitz on">Vimeo

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