Friday, August 17, 2012

Around The House

The Round House

Like other Redding residents, I drive past this whimsical place almost daily. I have taken pictures in which it is part of the background but yesterday, I saw the spot to stop and take the right picture or two, of the house itself.

This raised my level of curiosity to where I sought some information about this unique island habitation. I found a nice article about Bob Spaid and his round cottage in Enjoy magazine, (You can read it here).

Round Spider House

To take the pictures of the round house, I sometimes had to focus through these round spider houses. They too, are very interesting.

The Tree House

This is a 360° view of the treehouse. I stood in one spot and twirled around while the camera took pictures with a 360° app. On the iPod it is interesting because you can turn around while looking at the picture, and it gives you a view as if you are there, turning around. To get a better idea, look at it here.

My favorite Treehouse flower pic from around the grounds, today.

Around Breakfast Time

I enjoyed this bowl of breakfast so much, I made a little Gif animation;

I hope you are having a great day in, and around, your sphere of being, too.

Today’s Video;

Amman - City in Motion from Joerg Niggli on">Vimeo

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