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I was reading an article in Wired magazine about gadgets, and they showed some contraptions that are just for making s'mores. I found out who invented s'mores...

Loretta Scott Crew was a Girl Scout who in 1927 invented the S'more. Crew's recipe was first published in the 1927 Girl Scout Handbook after she created the snack to feed a group of hungry Girl Scouts at a camp. Crew reportedly earned an award for her creative cooking.

The Ponderosa fire continues to burn east of Redding. At last report, it had consumed 21,500 acres and 50 homes. There have been dozens of smaller fires throughout the north state, most of which were the result of last weeks lightning storms. The smoke is affecting our air quality and people have been advised to close the doors and windows. We are encouraged to spend our time indoors as much as possible to avoid respiratory problems.

I stopped by John’s shop today so he could listen to the recordings of the music we played Thursday and Sunday with different musicians at the blues jams. It helps to analyze the effect on our songs that different combinations of players can cause, (both good and not so good). It was also a chance for John to hear how his new amplifier sounded live.

Late in the afternoon, if one looked up at the middle of the sky over Redding, there was a blue color cast behind the haze. Out on the periphery, the smoke was still thick, gray and brown, but overhead conditions were improving. I took that opportunity to snap a few pictures around the Treehouse.

It really wasn’t much of an imposition to spend time inside with air conditioning. Even though the temperature was barely 100 outside, the filtered, cool air indoors felt very pleasant.

There is a new hypothesis that adds a twist to the big bang theory. James Quach and his colleagues at the University of Melbourne, say the Big Bang should be modeled as a phase change: the moment when an amorphous, formless universe analogous to liquid water cooled and suddenly crystallized to form four-dimensional space-time. (Story Here)

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