Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still Putting Out Fires

A Little Less Smoke

Today’s smoke was coming from the north and west of Redding, as well as the east, out near Big Bend. I was able to open the windows in the early morning without too much smoke in the air. The temperature was mild enough, at 8am, that I didn’t need to run the A/C for a couple of hours.

Tonight was the Jefferson State Blues Society Jam. It was fun. I really enjoy being part of the first band to play. I get to play at a reasonable volume and the other players are happy to have me lead the band.

There were some really nice flowers to photograph this weekend, so I participated happily in accomplishing the flora depictions as needed.

Capturing the color density of some brilliantly toned roses, this afternoon, seemed to be encouraging. The yellows were thick with color, and I caught one of the deep frequencies that I sometimes see in this red driveway rose, today...

Here are some more;

I also got lucky with some closeups of a tiny butterfly, pumping nectar up the tubes that are part of the inner flower design. I tried making a little movie/slideshow in Picasa3, and uploaded it to Flickr, just to see how that works.

That sort of works. I will have to try a few more little movies and see what the parameters are for sparkling, flawless, eye catching, entertaining videos on Flickr.

This vulture performed acrobatics above me for about 10 minutes while I was standing in the middle of the Treehouse parking lot. At least that’s how I interpreted its behavior. There wasn’t any prey or other food items around, so I think it saw me following its every move with my camera lens, and thought it would be fun to play along.

The tomatoes keep on plumping up in the gardens here.

And, to complete the weekend moon series, I went out and took this pic of tonights moon while the Flickr flower slideshow was processing, (Efficiency would be my middle name, except I already have the name, Alan, in that spot).

Tonight’s Fascinating Video;

What’s In The Box?

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