Friday, September 21, 2012

Enjoying The Weather

And Blue Skies

This week has been mild, with temperatures just tickling the underside of the 100 degree mark. The skies remain relatively clear and the breezes are welcome refreshment when one steps into the shade.

I enjoy these fine days, here in Redding. The nights have been pleasantly cool.

Temperatures have been dropping into the mid 50s out there in the night. Because of the orientation of my apartment to the northerly breezes, this translates to mid 70s inside with the windows open.

Monday Music

Monday Music at the Treehouse is a wonderful uplifting time for everyone who comes to the dining room from 4 to 5 pm on Monday afternoons. I look forward to playing and singing with the great bunch of neighbors who share familiar melodies and the words that made the unforgettable songs that fill our lives.

So far, we also fill up on the tasty desserts that Jackie and Darlene bring and serve up afterward. Last monday it was a banana cream delight with ice cream on top.

Thursday Music

Last night, Sarah Pappenheim played a few tunes with John, Billy, and myself.

I want to thank the people who are nice enough to take a few pictures that I can play with when I get home. Margaret has been taking pictures at the Monday Music fest, and Rocky has snapped a few pix while I play at the Shasta Blues Society, Thursday Jams.

The flowers perform daily, and I get to take their pictures, myself.

Solar Butterfly

Today’s Official Video;

Monsterbox from Bellecour 3D on">Vimeo

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