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Quail at the Treehouse

I guess I've been busy. Apparently too busy to write any new blog posts for a few days. I suppose I could fire myself for being a slacker, but I am an understanding boss.

I played and sang at the usual venues, here in Redding this week. The live recordings turned out well, and the music on them sounded pretty good too.

Next weekend I will be in Richmond as part of the LMP Trio at the Richmond Museum of History. I hope to get some good recordings and a lot of pictures of that event, so I can post some here, and on the LMP Trio website.

I could say I was busy taking pictures, and that would be true. And that I've been spending some time turning some of those pictures into pieces of art. That would be true also.

I did have the time, and opportunity to meet the person running for District 1. I was planning on voting for him anyhow but I had a chance to meet and hear him talk on the steps of the Shasta County Courthouse.

On the courthouse steps

His name is Jim Reed.

He reminds me of other politicians that I've met, respected, and liked over the years, who are knowledgeable, fully qualified, and have answered the call to represent their constituents.

Jim Reed

His message is positive and solution oriented. He recognizes that Social Security and Medicare belong to the people of this country and not to those corporations and captains of industry who want to privatize these services so they can make more profits.

Waterfall reflected in county building windows

He explained solutions to the debt problem that won’t add any additional burden on the middle class, seniors, veterans, poor, or disabled. His experience as a tax attorney gives weight to his proposals for balancing the budget.

I hope you have candidates like him to vote for in your districts.

There was a lot of ‘lens candy’ on, and around the courthouse steps. I had plenty of artistic tableau's to take pictures of, and I took full advantage of the opportunity.

So there you have it; my visit to the press conference and the beautiful flowers that grew around the courthouse.

Speaking of beautiful flowers, and who wasn't? I have here a slideshow featuring some beautiful flowers that I photographed in the waning sunlight on last Tuesday’s, beautiful, Redding afternoon around the Treehouse.

Today’s Amusing Video;

Cementing Communications

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