Sunday, September 9, 2012

Comparatively Speaking

Distinctions Abound

This cat thought I was such a nuisance. Didn’t I understand it was trying to stalk and catch that bird out there on the grass?

The F and the T, side by side

These are images from my two favorite cameras side-by-side for comparative purposes. I am showing them, (pretty much), straight from the camera without any post production.

I took the pictures from the same distance, and with the same settings. The FZ5 pictures are on the left, and the TZ3 pictures are on the right.

Both cameras have a 10x optical zoom lens, but the TZ3 has a wide angle lens so the reach is not as far. The lens on the TZ3 is smaller in diameter as well, but it’s sensor has more mega-pixels, so details are sharper and it can be cropped without obvious deterioration.

Here is an example where I cropped the cereal picture from the TZ3 so it would match the size ratio of the FZ5. It still holds it’s sharpness. I also lightened it a bit to match.

The TZ3 image, (on the right), has a flatter perspective and lacks the obvious depth of field of the FZ5, but the colors are richer in tone and luminosity.

Now back to the unadulterated, straight from the camera results...

Once again, the FZ gets closer, but the TZ has stronger color density.

The reds and blues of these appear the same, but the greens are different.

That concludes today’s comparison. I find that both cameras serve me well, and have become a natural part of my creative composition experience. They are both Panasonic Lumix cameras and fit my idea of how digital images can work.

There is a visual quality, and tactile sense that these cameras give to me, that I don’t feel when using some of the other brands. I am very fortunate that these cameras managed to find me.

This is one of those rare times that one can see MT Lassen from the Treehouse, lately. It is nice when the smoke and haze clears enough to view this magnificent mountain. Some of the wildfires continue to stubbornly resist the efforts of our valiant fire fighting crews, but in another week or so, most of the fires should be extinguished.

Today’s Video;

Purely Pacific Northwest from John Eklund on">Vimeo

Very Vast Vivid View

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