Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Wrap Up

Good nutrition is important whether it’s a holiday or not. I enjoy this delicious organic fruit, milk, and cereal that tastes wonderful, and helps keep me healthy.

This little bee is trying to take off after rolling in the pollen for about five minutes. I hope it doesn't get a ticket for FUI, (flying under the influence).

The bee is not old enough to remember when we used actually have Labor Day parades and picnics honoring America’s unionized labor force.

Some people don’t know that it was collective bargaining that created the eight hour work day, lunch hour, the five day work week, vacations, medical benefits, and wages that allowed American workers the means to buy automobiles, houses, and college educations for their children.

So I set aside a part of my Labor Day to reflect upon the achievements of the brave activists who put their lives on the line to improve working conditions against violent and powerful opposition from industry and corporate giants.

Thank you Mother Jones, Rose Schneiderman, Kate Mullaney, and all the other people who dedicated their lives to demanding and instituting workers rights.

Meanwhile, here in the North State, we are dealing with more smoke from the wildfires. There still are plenty of people out enjoying the North State on this Labor Day holiday weekend, (except for where the fires have required closing portions of the forests and campgrounds).

Photo credit - Donee Pappenheim

On Sunday I had the pleasure of singing and playing blues songs at the Jefferson State Blues Society jam that takes place every Sunday at the Old School restaurant.

On Monday, I sang and played old standards at the Treehouse. Peggy Richardson, (piano), and I play every Monday for the residents here at the apartments.

So now it's time for kids to go back to school, women to put away their white shoes, and somewhere, in some other place and time, there are people taking down the screens and putting up the storm windows.

Today’s Video;

'100' (from 0 to 100 years in 150 seconds) from Filmersblog on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo

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