Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Over Trod Treads

Re-Tired Again;

I headed over to Mike Cary’s Tire store, bright and early, (for me), around 9:30 Tuesday morning to replace a couple of worn tires on the Buick.

In case you are a newer reader, I have been taking the car to Mike Cary ever since I first moved to Redding. I have written a few posts about my mechanical adventures, (Read Here), and feel very fortunate to have Mike's expertise and friendship to help me maintain the 1995 Le Sabre LTD.

Now that I have 2, trustworthy, new tires on the car, I can feel more secure when I drive down to Richmond this weekend to play with Leona and Marian, where I am the “P” in the LMP Trio.

The LMP Trio is playing at the opening of a new exhibit at the Richmond Museum of History on Sunday.

The warm temps outside came in handy when the dryer didn’t quite finish drying the waist of these shorts. Sandi hung them, discretely, on the porch and they were dry in minutes.

We have been having some extra warm weather, here in Redding, so it will be quite a difference to spend a couple of days in Richmond where their high temps match our low temps. I haven’t worn a long sleeved shirt since my last visit to Richmond.

Inside my apartment, I use the A/C to keep the temp at a cool, (compared to 100 outside), 75-80 degrees.


After playing at the ‘Treehouse Monday Musicfest’ with Peggy Richardson on piano, I was outside the dining room on the patio taking pictures, when I happened to look down and saw that the Sterling rose had proffered another flower for pollinators to peruse.

By today, it had fully bloomed and will likely begin ‘un-blooming’ tomorrow as the 100 degree breeze drys and dismantles it’s petals during the day. I am glad I saw it and got these pictures.

I didn’t see it coming. I think I am diligently watching all the Treehouse flora for buds and new growth, but sometimes there is a treat, like this Sterling rose.

Today’s Pleasant Video;

Teach Your Children | Playing For Change from Playing For Change on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo

And Know They Love You

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