Sunday, October 14, 2012

Changing Weather

Kind Of Pleasant


I have been having fun playing with an application that assists me in painting a digital picture from a photo.


I took this picture of Marians landscaped front yard when I was there, last week. It looked nice as a picture, it looks really nice as a painting.


I can think of quite a few images I have taken, that would have been more representative of what I was seeing had I had this digital photo painting program, at the time.

This next picture is an example of the way I see the date palm at the entrance to the Old School restaurant, where I get to play at the JSBS jam on Sunday’s.

I like it because it is my impression of a digitally created impression of an impressionist painting, that began with my initial photographic composition.

Okay, just one more;

Here are a few more pictures that I've played with using PhotoArtista.

I made whipped cream, last night for apple pie and ice cream. I think I have learned how to consistently achieve the desired result, so I filmed the final episode in the quest for home made, small portions of whipped cream, video series.

Today’s Tasty Video;

Instant Whipped Cream from Phil Seymour on">Vimeo


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