Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Measuring Energy Distribution

Monitoring My CNI

If we think of the central nervous system as a processing unit, such as in a computer, we can conceptualize that is only capable of so much processing at a time.

During our daily activities, our nerve receptors are constantly sending billions of signals to the brain. This information would be overwhelming if we did not filter it in some manner. The brain assigns processing energy to tasks that need it most. Reducing the level of response from other momentarily non-essential nerve impulses.

As an anecdotal example, I can refer to my own experience when playing music. All my physical and mental activities are dedicated to the song that I'm playing, and the way that I'm playing it. I can hear it and I can feel it as I'm doing it. At times, I do it so well that I am in the “zone”. When I'm at this stage of involvement in music, it's like meditating.

My heartbeat and my breathing are synchronized with the rhythm of the music I am playing. At this time, my brain is mostly engaged in the actual function of making and enjoying music. Whatever aches and pains, or discomforts I may have been feeling that day are not being registered by my central processor because I am so involved in the music.

When I try to sleep later that night, the toe that I stubbed earlier in the day, returns to my awareness. I think that this is because my brain is not having to process all the nerve impulses that are involved in walking around, being awake, playing music, and other brain functions I require during the average day of consciousness.

The transcendental euphoria from magically playing music, has diminished and I am left with only a sore toe that’s keeping me awake by sending urgent messages to my central processor. 

My brain, now that I'm not busy, hasn't got a lot to do, so it's accepting all the information from my sore toe that it did not fully process when I was busy sending information from billions of other nerve receptors.

That's my anecdotal explanation for why a sore extremity is less noticeable during the day than when I am lying in bed at night. I think this explanation may be applied to some similar situations people may encounter, (even those who aren’t musicians).

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