Thursday, October 4, 2012

Going With The Flow

A Day To Drift

Lately it seems like I have been on a somewhat rigid and busy schedule each day of the week. Today was an opportunity to take it easy.

There was time to spend toying with a couple of pictures that had potential, but certain elements were problematic and they were preventing the images from clearly expressing their story. Like the birds at the feeder that were just black silhouettes until I found a way to draw them out.

When I first got the FX Photo Studio App, I read the reviews and comments from other people who had purchased and used the program. One of the reviews mentioned the extra layers of functionality that could be accessed when experimenting with combining the masking feature with multiple effects.

After using that App in concert with some of the other photo editing and effects apps for a couple of months now, I am beginning to understand what that reviewer was alluding to. I used some of my time during the day to become more familiar with these tools, and was pleased with the results.

I took a series of pictures of this butterfly drinking nectar from the flowers behind B building. One of them would certainly be just right for the October calendar, I thought.

I was happy with the creative result, and glad that I had the time to experiment.

The Sterling rose survived another day.

This rose didn’t need extensive processing to make a statement. It is what it is.

And, just for fun, I would like to include a little Gif that I made from a couple of movie frames to show Sandi tirelessly ironing my shirt. Thank you Sandi.

Today’s Effective Video;

berlin hyper-lapse from b-zOOmi on">Vimeo

Amazing And Wonderful

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