Monday, October 22, 2012

Briefy Visiting

The Campaign

A honey bee and beetle meet where the pollen is sweet. I consider them neighbors here at the end of the street. I wondered how the election would in some way affect them, and I realized how much I feel the need to protect them.

“What’s your impression?”, I asked this rose. I got no audible answer, but it gave me this pose.

I wonder about the corporate goal. Would they tear down Mount Lassen if it held lots of coal. They are leveling Appalachia, and Montana as well. So, they probably would because they know it would sell.

Can some rich guys buy the election this time around? I certainly hope not, their proposals aren’t sound. But then again, proposals won’t matter, as long as some voters believe all the right winger chatter.

The leaves change their color, and the air becomes cool. I hope that most voters learned something in school.

Now I’ve expressed a few of my views, and after the elections are finally through, I’ll still be me, you will be you, and we will likely keep doing the things that we do.

Today’s Travel Video;

Mission 26 The Big Endeavour from Givot on">Vimeo

The Sky’s The Limit

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