Friday, October 12, 2012


Sound-bites Of My Life

This is a favorite spot to spend some time listening, watching, taking pictures, and sometimes playing guitar. On warm days, I like feeling the the temperature drop as I walk down the boat ramp to the edge of the Sacramento River. The bridge for the train is close by and I enjoy the sound of the trains passing overhead to cross the river, too.

Looking upstream from the boat ramp.

I was just thinking about getting something sweet to eat, and I remembered how good the custard tasted that Marian had made and served while I was down in Richmond, last weekend.

One of the many nice things about my trips to visit Marian, and play music with her and Leona, is the home cooking. I enjoy the times we go to their favorite restaurants, but when lunch includes treats like custard and prime rib croissants, Marian’s kitchen is by far my favorite place to eat.

Fortunately, I will be returning to Richmond in November to play with the LMP Trio for another Richmond Museum event. Good company, good music and good food. How could anyone ask for more.

Meanwhile, back in Redding, I got this picture of a daredevil high diving crow down by the river. There was a murder of crows at the top of this tall tree, eating something up there. Nuts, berries, bugs, or something I couldn’t quite see, had drawn them to this particular tree top where they were doing acrobatic maneuvers and crowing about it.

Back at the Treehouse, I saw that Jackie’s strawberry patch was still producing good looking fruit. When I get close to her garden box, I can hear the high pitched sound of the deer deterrent device. It is activated by a motion sensor and supposedly will chase the deer away before they ravage the garden. I guess the deer don’t know that.

One of these mornings, maybe I will get up early enough to take some pictures of the deer, and other animals that appear at first light. Probably not tomorrow though.

While I was out back, I saw that Dorothy’s Dahlias were in bloom. I took a few pictures of them. There are several different shapes and styles of dahlia growing out there.

Well, I got the video of the LMP Trio uploaded today. I cut it down to one song, instead of two, but I think it works better this way.

Today’s Musical Video;

Transcendental Muse-ification

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