Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big Picture

Is Magnificent

This was the sunset on Friday. It was spectacular from beginning to end. I took many megabytes of photographs. With grand displays like this to fill my soul, I am grateful to be alive and humbled by the gift of enlightenment.

From the vastness of the cosmos to the world of backyard flowers and their pollinators, I am constantly being taught the lessons of life in this universe.

There is an interaction at all levels of existence that can be observed if one takes the time to look and be open to understanding. I marvel at what is happening on these two flowers.

Fall Comes To Redding

The trees around here are beginning to change into their colorful fall foliage. It is a treat for the eyes, and as the leaves fall, they give people something to rake.

The roses around the Treehouse continue to delight the observers, and provide colorful subjects for my cameras.

There is availability of healthy, fresh food, at affordable prices, practically year round. I don’t recall eating so well for so little, (if one compensates for inflation), at any other time in my life. At home I eat fish once a week, chicken a couple of times a month, (if one can call the factory animals chickens), and beef every couple of months, or so.

Milk On Cereal


This healthy eating is paying off. I am not disintegrating at the rate I was when my diet was composed of unhealthy stuff, loaded with even unhealthier toppings. When that was the bulk of my intake, I was sick a lot, my physical problems kept worsening, and my mind was not fully functional.

Tonight’s Sunset

The western sky was a sight to see at sunset on this Saturday in Redding. Every day has wonders to be enjoyed, absorbed, and treasured, (photographed and written about, too).

Today’s Flashy Video;

May The Force Be With You

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