Friday, October 26, 2012

Closer And Closer

To Halloween

We're also getting closer to the Giants winning the World Series. 

Hurricane Sandy is getting closer and closer to the east coast.

And, we're getting closer to the end of all the election campaign ads. Of course, here in California, we don't have it nearly as bad as people in Ohio, where the media is inundated by millions of dollars of out of state, right wing sponsored, advertising.

Nope, here in California we are inundated with beautiful weather, year round fresh produce, mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean beaches, and the expectation that our food is labeled correctly.

Another Camera In My Bag

FZ5 and FZ8 side by side comparison.

I bid on eBay for another Lumix ‘FZ’ series camera a few weeks ago. I got the camera, (sent from Canada), early last week. It didn’t come with a battery, so I sent off for one. The battery arrived today and I began testing the Panasonic Lumix FZ8. I think this model was new in 2007.

I took it out for a spin today. I have a lot to learn, but I sure enjoy learning how to use the additional features. It has a few cosmetic flaws, (missing selector dial knob, scratches on the LCD, no lens cap...), but that’s why I could afford it. The lens is good, and the innards all work like they should.

The pictures here today come from all my Lumix cameras. Each camera has its own special function in my estimation. I always wondered about that caricature of a photographer with all the different cameras hanging around his neck. I get it, now.

And so, I get closer and closer to becoming a really good photographer. I like learning one set of functions at a time in the digital world of photography. This is a lot of fun.

Tomorrow will probably see me wandering around Redding with 3 or 4 cameras all strapped around my neck, like a walking cartoon photographer, happily taking pictures.

I have a feeling that each camera, will play its part in the days collection of imagery.

Today’s Scenic Video;

Full Hunter’s Moon Oct. 29

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