Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mad Hatter

And Tea, Too

Treehouse residents got out their fancy chapeau’s and gathered for the annual Mad Hatter’s Tea. It was good to see so many neighbors participating in the festivities.

It was a lot of fun. Prizes were awarded for the best 3 hats. The tables were decorated by staff members and table numbers were drawn as one entered the dining room. I drew table number 6. Our table was hosted by social services coordinator, Stephanie.

I saw the bowl of fruit and thought, “Still life - Fresh Fruit With Plastic Fork”.


Monday evening, the night before the Tea, held the promise of a colorful sunset. I knew the ‘magic’ would only last a moment, so I brought a camera with me when I went to Raley’s to pick up something for dinner. It was good that I did, the sky lit up just as I was carrying groceries to the car.

Sunset from Raley’s parking lot

Tuesday, before the Treehouse Tea, I took some colorful flower pictures to play with.

Sometimes I get the perfect composition with light, shadow, aperture, focal length, and shutter speed. Those pictures, like the yellow rose, (above), are ready to go, right from the SD card.

Other compositions, like the white rose (above), are sometimes enriched with enhancements. 

What a great time to be a photographer and graphic artist.

Back in the days when I used dark rooms with an enlarger and trays of chemicals, I could do some effects while developing, then draw/paint/montage the print, but I really appreciate the expanded universe of digital photography and computer assisted enhancement.

Tuesday evening I stopped at the Sundial Bridge to get a few late sun pictures. It was busy, down where I usually park and take bridge pictures, so I found a spot where I could see the bridge through the trees, vines, and brambles. It turned out just right.

Mount Shasta looked great in the setting sun last night.

I really am very fortunate to be living here with all this wild and wonderful beauty surrounding me.

One more flower

Today’s Space Video;

ISS Startrails from Christoph Malin on">Vimeo

Fantastic Times

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