Friday, October 12, 2012

Ebb And Flow

Coming And Going

On October the 8th, Monday night at 10:11, my cell phone announced a call from Tomo.

During the summer of 2007, I worked for Tomo as a cameraman at a bellydance show in Monterey.

I answered the phone and heard a swishing, gurgling sound. Like someone was calling from inside a washing machine.

After explaining that I couldn’t understand a word, I suggested that whoever it was, call me back and I disconnected. No one called back, but I did wonder if it had anything to do with Maya. She and Tomo had worked on Maya’s World Of Dance Theater show in Monterey a few years ago and she was living in Monterey.

The Last Time I Heard From Maya;

On August 31, I emailed Maya with this message; “ How are you? Did you ever find a medical solution to your cancer?”

On September 19, I received this reply from Maya; “ No not doing. Getting weak fast and not remembering to tried.”

October 10, the cell phone announced another call from Tomo. I answered. It was Tomo. I asked how he was doing. He wondered why his phone showed my number on October the 8th. I asked why he called and what can I do for him. He said he didn’t call on the 8th.

Tomo is Japanese. His English has improved over the years, but at times it is still hard to understand exactly what he is saying.

He asked if I was planning to be at AMP this Friday. (AMP is where Maya produced her shows for World Of Dance Theater)  I said; No, I live in Redding, now. He said he had just returned to Monterey after living a few years in Hawaii and didn't know I had moved.

I was about to ask him if he had seen Maya, when he asked if I knew that she had died. I said no, I hadn’t heard. He apologized for having delivered the news so offhandedly. 

The event at AMP this Friday is her memorial.

Bat Girl and Maya at the Sundial Bridge 12/20/08

Maya, (Meredith), was one of the handful of people who helped me put my life back together after the unexpected and heartbreaking loss of Chrissy, (Roberta).

She got me signed up with the agencies that have helped me attain a secure environment where I have been reclaiming what is left of my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Maya, on the other hand, was at odds with those very same systems, and had difficulty following  the prescribed path to get medical treatment and a place to live. She spent the last few years living in her van.

Now, she is no longer homeless. R.I.P. Meredith Magnanti.

Today’s Relative Video;

Crossings On The Path

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