Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Spectacular Day

What A Place!

Earlier there were these sights;

Then, things got even more interesting;

Piece of rainbow

I got back from tonight’s music at the Shasta Blues Society and noticed that a rainbow was trying to form across the southeastern rainclouds. We had a different drummer, Marty, and when we change drummers, we change the sound and feel of the band. It was fun.

Bedraggled yellow rose

This rose, above, is the same one yellow rose that is in the slideshow at the top of the page. What a difference a day and a downpour made.

Cloud seen from Raley’s parking lot

The showers were widely scattered and of varying intensity. The clouds were massive.

Wet rose, last ray of sunlight

This sunbeam finds a tiny path through the trees to illuminate a water droplet hanging off a wet rose. I would consider this my shot of the day, but there were so many opportunities to take the perfect photo, it makes it hard to choose just one.

One of fascinating looks of tonight’s sunset

I was so caught up in taking stills of the sunset developments that it didn’t occur to me to video the ever changing tableau in the western sky. What a movie that would have made. (Note to self: Always video these magic displays.)

The moon, clearly defined by the set sun

There you have some of the beauty that filled my heart with happiness on this Thursday in May. I am glad I have the means to share some of my life with you through the medium of a blog on the internet. Yesterday was my 900th blog post here on Phil’s Place.

Today’s Actual Space Video;

Altogether Amazing

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