Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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With An Open Mind

My other breakfast

Five days a week, I eat a breakfast of fresh organic fruit on cereal. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen the pictures here of the blueberries, strawberries, banana, and raisins, splashed with organic milk, while balanced atop some organic, heritage flakes from Nature’s Path.

Mimosa beginning to bloom

To maintain balance and variety, I have eggs and potatoes two mornings a week. I like that kind of breakfast, too. The potatoes are Trader Joe’s version of tater tots. They are made mostly of potatoes, with less salt, no strange tasting additives, or cheap oil, like the Ore-Ida kind.

Colorful spring bird

Look closely at the color in this guy’s feathers.

What seems to be the image of a small brown bird, becomes a dapper male, wearing his finest color coordinated spring feathers, when examined on the computer.

Until I began taking pictures of the bird residents of the Treehouse, many of them just seemed to be anonymous brown birds. Now that my eyes have been opened, I have discovered that beautiful hues of plumage, and individual character exists with nearly every bird I look at carefully.

A local honeybee at work

New discoveries are such a treat, and perpetually abundant, when one’s mind is open.

The west side of the Treehouse western mockingbird

This mockingbird, pictured above, will sometimes try to sleep in the tree outside my bedroom window. When the security patrol guy drives in, springs squeaking over the speedbumps, slamming the truck door after getting out to clomp around the grounds and rattle doors, it disturbs the wary avian.

Once awakened, the mockingbird squawks and begins to sing. If it’s too noisy to sleep in the tree outside my window, he will take off, chattering his angst while flying around from tree to tree to find a quiet place to sleep.

Peggy plays, and I sing each Monday from 4 to 5

I had to stop writing and step out on the balcony to tell the security guy to be quiet, just now.

The guy talks loudly to himself, (or possibly a very patient person on the other end of a phone), as he clomps around during the night. I guess that helps him stay awake. The problem with that is it keeps me awake, too.

He did quiet down when I asked him to, so we will see if that works. It would be nice to have relatively quiet nights here once again.

I hope I have given myself, (and the mockingbird), a birthday present of a peaceful night at the Treehouse.

Today’s Purrfect Video;

Happy Birthday

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