Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

Not The Plant Killing Stuff

“No, no, not that kind of Roundup”!

I’ve been using a system cleaner App called CleanMyMac, ever since Mike Karas sent me the program as a gift when it was first released. This evening, I have been trying to see if I can use that App on more than one computer, or if I need to purchase an additional license for the new MacBook Pro.

“Roundup the kids, were going upstream”.

It seems that all computers tend to accumulate unnecessary ones and zeros that can slow down the active processes. This CleanMyMac program will clean house on a regular schedule, or, in my case, when I notice it needs tidying up.

Healthy pink rose

I didn’t see many Cinco de Mayo decorations on Sunday, except for a couple of Raley’s employees wearing sombreros. When the band played at the Sunday blues jam, I dedicated our new ‘Spanish’ song; “The First Time” as our tribute to Cinco de Mayo.

Western Mockingbird

Someone said, “That’s not Spanish”.

I said, “It will be when I sing it”, and I proceeded to sing, “La Primera Vez”.

That song is coming along nicely, as are the other new songs that John Harrison and I have written recently. We had a good night on Sunday, and it was fun.

A lovely couple of roses

Monday was a pleasure. The Treehouse Monday Jamboree has become a time of joyful expression and an oasis of happiness for all who are there to “Ac-cent-u-ate The Positive”.

Peggy and I navigate the seas of musical possibilities and our Treehouse friends laugh and sing along from 4 to 5 pm, followed by a sweet treat prepared by Jackie and Darlene. This time it was scrumptious strawberry shortcake with ice cream.

On the bank of the Sacramento river

The range of music I get to sing and play each week is a pleasure. There are only two or three songs that I sing in both groups, and even those are played and sung differently in P&P, than in The Phil Seymour Band.

Then there is the LMP Trio, where the music is played another way. How lucky I am to have these wonderful variations of musical expression to enjoy.

Peggy Richardson and me - Photo: Margaret Miller

When I roundup the past few days, I realize what a magical life I am leading. Sometimes it does one good to spend a few moments reflecting, and absorbing the wonders of how we can spend our time on earth.

Today’s Rounded Up Video;

Spectacular Beauty

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