Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Month Of May

Merrily Proceeding

Red rose, different perspective

I just finished a good dog story called “Last Dog On The Hill”, (The Extraordinary Life Of Lou), by Steve Duno. Dorothy O'Neil loaned it to me, thinking that I might enjoy it. I did.

Iris and Daylilies in Dorothy’s garden;

There Are 4 Quail In This Picture

Plus a mated pair of smaller birds

When I took the above picture, I was just seeing 2 quail. It wasn’t until I had the image on the computer that I noticed the others. I recognized the pair of smaller birds from having photographed and videoed them before. An image of the male bird appeared in a recent post that showed his bright red spring mating plumage.

Joseph's Coat rose

With gusty high winds and temperatures in the 90’s, most of the soft, lovely, youthful roses are here today - gone tomorrow. It’s a good thing that I take a little time each day to photo-chronicle their debut as they bloom.

Some last longer, and develop their beauty over a period of days, but many seem to only get a day before the wind and heat dry them out. They wither and petals begin to fall.

Green onions? Chives? Scallions?

Steve Ragan has a rose bush that defies the harsh weather. The buds are a little gnarly looking, but when they first bloom, they look like this;

Steve’s rose

Later, they crinkle up, change colors, and look something like this;

Crinkled Steve rose

Of course, I played a little bit with the image to disguise the ratty parts of the petals, but if one looks at the real thing just right, it sort of resembles this picture, (above).

Today’s Undisguised Fair Video;

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