Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Start Of

My New Year

Mount Lassen

In a very real way, our birthdays are the beginning of a new year. The calendar new year varies depending on one’s culture or location, but that moment when we greet the world for the first time, is the start of our ‘day one’.

Goin’ fishin’

These first two images,(above), taken on my birthday, seemed to ask for one of the painting Apps to help them express their mood and story. I am glad I listened to them.

Some of our new flowers are just bursting at the seams.

Anxious Agapanthus

For those of you who read my Previous Post, you will no doubt recall the saga of the talkative security guy, and how refreshingly quiet it became after I asked him to, ‘Keep it down out there’. Well, within minutes of my posting the new blog about the quiet night, it was shattered by car alarms in the parking lot just after the security guy drove off.

Evidently I am not the only one who knows where the security guy is, and can hear him talking when he is here. A thief has been stealing items from some cars here lately and was waiting for the security guy to leave that night. He was likely interrupted when he set off a car alarm. One of the residents who looked to see what the noise was about, said she saw someone on a bicycle riding away.

Did I mention the new shingles we are getting on the roofs of the Treehouse buildings?

Roofing equipment

I really like the managements attention to keeping our facility in the best of shape. The grounds and buildings are kept neat, maintained, and are upgraded when needed. A roofing team is here this week and next to replace the old shingles with longer lasting, higher grade ones.

This is good. In Redding, with our warm weather, if you are going to be roofing, it is best to get started as early as possible, before the roofs become solar frying pans.

I got an early start on my new year’s day, Tuesday. It was Shasta Spring Water delivery day, which happens around 8:20 in the morning, so with the help of the roofers, I was already up and waiting when Bruce brought fresh jugs of water.

Mount Lassen this Wednesday evening

I got some nice color and detail in the evening shots of Mount Lassen, tonight.

While I was out to get volcano pictures, I spotted our Treehouse vixen and her 2 new kits. What a treat.

Foxy Mama

If we travel approximately 585,000,000 miles around the sun each year, then 2 days into my new year I have already traveled 3,205,479 miles.

Whew, no wonder I feel like I need some rest tonight. Even while I am sleeping I will be going 66,781 mph.

That doesn’t include the speed at which we are racing around the earth, or the solar systems orbital speed around the black hole in the Milky Way galaxy. Then there is the speed at which we are racing away from the point where our universe began. Amazing.

Today’s Cosmic Video;


Happy My New Year Everybody

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