Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Immersion Method

Driveway rose in the morning light

It was up, up, and away to the Farmers Market early this windy morning. Because there was no Whole Earth and Watershed festival, there were not as many people there as last week.

The gusty winds were trying to lift the awnings and canopies up into the sky to create an air regatta of flying tents, but the enterprising vendors had tied jugs of water, cans filled with dirt, and other weights to the tent poles to hold them down.

Unoccupied stall spaces

Some vendors simply held onto the tent frame above them with one hand, while helping customers with their free hand during some of the more powerful gusts. There were empty stalls and the scheduled singer guitar player wasn’t there to be blasted with dirt and grit every few minutes. I doubt if it would be much fun taking in deep breaths of dust and sand while watching the money from the tip jar blowing off into the distance.

Tattered driveway roses

Seeing fewer people raised my expectations that by being there around 8:30am, there would be plenty of green eggs to choose from. I sauntered confidently through the dust storms toward the stall where the egg lady told me she had already sold all the green eggs.

Clouds begin to build over Mt. Lassen

If you are familiar with the Ben Franklin scale, you can likely figure that it is not tipping toward a return visit by me to the Farmers Market early Saturday mornings to try to buy green eggs before they are all sold out. Instead, I will leave room in my future for another, more convenient source of interesting eggs to eat.

Beautiful red colored rose

One of the trickiest colors to capture in digital photography, is red. I used to think that Sony and Canon cameras had the best capture of solid red tones, but it was only because I was looking at the works of good photographers. All cameras can capture a solid, deep crimson tone if one pays attention to the angle of the light, and the effective settings for each particular camera. It just takes patience, practice, and a big helping of good fortune. Otherwise reds will be blown out, smeary, or weak.

A Happy Breakfast

It was nice to come back home and eat my favorite breakfast of fresh fruits and milk with a few organic cereal flakes.

About to enter the bush

One of the many interesting behaviours I have observed in the mockingbirds, is they have doorways into their homes in bushes. The guy in the above picture is just about to jump into that bush he is looking at so intently. He will slip inside without disturbing a single leaf or branch. He doesn’t see me, or else he wouldn’t reveal his hideaway. What a treat.

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