Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye May

See You In June

Sly Fox Family

I think the foxes have moved to quieter diggs. They haven’t been out playing for the last  three days, and the kits seemed ready for another stage of development. It was nice to get pictures and video of mom vixen and her kits this year.

Orange Daylily

The flowers are still blooming, when watered, and the birds are still singing. There are a few new mockingbirds that have moved in to replace the lucky ones that have flown off to raise this years families.

New bird in town

Some of the little things that make me happy with my artwork, can be time consuming. Like choosing fonts for various projects. There are several online sources for free fonts that I download from, and a couple of good quality typeface/font paysites that I also download from. Visiting a fonts website to find a particular look and feel typeface, is like going to a museum, or the Library of Congress to see one exhibit or book.

Looks like a dahlia to me

It is impossible to find exactly what I am looking for, unless I have looked at all the fonts in the style I think I need. I don’t mind taking the time to find the right font for the words I am using and the message I want them to project. I may look through thousands of fonts, picturing how the words will look, and what colors, shadows, double strikes, and cases to use. I think that is fun.

Eats like a bird

With this new MacBook Pro, I am loading it’s font book with some basics that I also have in the older MacBook, plus some new ones that will keep the work I do here differentiated from the archives on that laptop. I try to keep the font book lean, so I only have a few hundred different fonts on the hard drive that I know I will use.

Agapanthus in progress

If there is a font that I think I can use, that isn’t in my font book, I know where to find it, and on which font website it is likely to be located. This comes from previous perusal(ing?).

Even if I know what I want, and where to look, I am compelled to browse and download other fonts for which I feel I might have a use for, one day.

Beautiful red color against the sun dappled green

I mention this font business only because this evening I was looking for something Hawaiian, and ended up browsing for an hour or two. I also found a couple dozen more fonts that I downloaded for other projects. These computer things are great.

Today’s Video Extraction;

We Can Do Better

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