Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Diversions

And Timely Developments

Pic for June calendar

Some things are developing in my world, as they should. To complete the picture, I tried a little different treatment of a flower for the calendar on the wall by the refrigerator. I like it.

Adding vocals

It is time that I start getting solid tracks for a CD of The Phil Seymour Band. The handful of new songs that John and I have written, plus a few of my old tunes that the band plays well, are enough to put on a disk, or flash drive to satisfy the people who ask if we have a CD they can buy.

The sun ‘spotlights’ these roses

The pictures that I am capturing lately, have been pleasing to my artistic and photographic senses. Many of them are ‘finished pieces’ directly from the camera.

Escaping agapanthus

The band played at Lulu’s tonight for the Shasta Blues Society. We had fun, and some of what we practiced and recorded earlier in the week sounded good ‘live’.

Still a graphic design artist

Last month, I bought a package of Peet’s African blend coffee. I didn’t care much for the look of the bag it was in, so I put the beans in an empty Trader Joe’s coffee can and made a label for it. This, (pictured above), is the second label.

I had designed the letters too big on the can and it was a distraction to see bad graphics in the cupboard. So, yesterday I re-did the text in the right proportions and printed up a second version that I find more pleasing to the eye.

Perfect light at 8:00pm

The weather is warm here in Redding. Over the years, when I would travel up and down I-5 during the summer months, I always liked stopping in and around Redding so I could get out and enjoy the 100 plus degree temperatures. Now, I simply step out on the balcony.

Rose that grows in another bush

I have been following the growth of this rose as it’s stem snaked up through a neighboring bush. I think it is the prettiest of the few roses that did this. There are pictures of some of them in various stages. This one has been featured as a beautiful bud, and now as it unfurls in the midst of non-rose bush leaves.

Mount Lassen gets it’s own cloud

I am so glad that I was called/directed/compelled to come and live in Redding. What an eye opening, mind expanding, spiritually uplifting experience this is developing into.

Today’s Enlightening Video;

Time To Live

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