Monday, June 17, 2013

Highway Morning

And Breakfast Buffet


Because I had breakfast at the Rolling Hills Casino buffet down in Corning with Marian and Jimmie, I decided to have cereal and fruit for dinner, tonight.

Lavender, I presume

I got up bright and early on Fathers Day so I could drive down to Corning to see Marian before she and Jimmie headed back to Richmond. They were there through the weekend for Jimmie’s annual family picnic on Saturday.

Kathern’s fence roses

It was good to visit. The drive from Redding to Corning usually takes less than an hour, and I arrived there promptly at 9:00 am.

White agapanthus

There was a substantial line of people wanting to eat buffet style for Fathers Day, but it didn’t take too long before we were seated. If I ever go there again, (maybe next year), I will try to have some pennies in my pocket to feed the penny slots that we were lined up along. They might provide some cheap entertainment while we inched along toward the buffet.

Dean’s rosebush has a rose

I dealt myself a plate from one of the stacks and loaded it up with a small spanish omelette, an egg Benedict, and some home-fried smashed potatoes. It was dangerous up there by the food. One must be careful not to get between the large people and the buffet or you run the risk getting trampled.

Sunday sunset

I got back to Redding in the afternoon with plenty of time to spare before playing at the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam at Johnny’s, (Say the title of that event, rapidly, three times in a row).

Later, I took pictures of the sunset. When I looked up in the sky above me, there was the moon. I could see craters very clearly, and so did the Lumix FZ. When I looked at the image later, I noticed what appears to be a Moon pixie playing in the shadow.

Sunday evening moon    Pixie credit -

What a fun filled magical world this is. I am happy I get the opportunity to experience this wonderful life I have been given.

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