Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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The Rules

That is essentially what holds society together. Rules.

We have sets of rules regarding, well...pretty much everything we humans, and our pets, can do. The sets of rules by which we, and our governments operate, are inscribed in charters, operation manuals, rights, rules of order, articles of federation, constitutions, and laws.

We should trust that they will be followed by the people we choose to place in positions of governance and authority. I trust that the rule of law will triumph over renegades and tyrants, as well as those who would subvert them.

Each week, those who would disrupt the progress and stability of our country, fabricate some sort of crisis to slow our recovery from the mistakes made by past policy makers. This week the big crisis is; the NSA ‘spying’ on American citizens.

If there is an adult in this country that doesn’t already know that the government must keep dossiers on each and every citizen, and has done so to the best of it’s ability since the discovery of America, then they wasted time and space in our school system that could have been used by someone with the capacity to learn.

Had the NSA had PRISM up and running at the turn of the century, we might have avoided the third, and horrifically successful, attempt to blow up the World Trade Center. In this day and age of technological capabilities around the world, we are operating at a disadvantage without such a data collection system of PRISM’s magnitude.

Each week a new ‘crisis’ is added to the ongoing pile of debunked, but undead, stuff introduced on Fox news, right wing websites, and talk radio. I consider those actions to be subversive.

So, I try to undo as much of the damage as I can with positive, uplifting, commentary, photographs, music and manners, here online, and in my day to day living. I forgive those who have fallen for the salacious, amygdala stimulating sensationalism of the right wing mantra on cable news and other media. That stuff is hard for our inner reptilian to resist.

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