Friday, June 14, 2013


Not Too Hot

Happy rose in the sun

With temps in the 90’s, an occasional blustery breeze, and abundant rustling leaves, the last few days have been delightful.

We added a new song to the band repertoire last night. It is a strong beat blues I wrote to showcase John Harrison’s guitar playing skills.

Mike Rader plays bass with the band   Photo - Margaret Miller

I didn’t have lyrics when I was first writing it, just a melody and chords, but within a day or two, the muses introduced a couple of events that stimulated a memory of the train that passed through Alpine, Texas in the middle of the night.

Agapanthus in the late afternoon

Some of the memories coalesced into the lyrics I need for the new song. I wrote them down with only a couple of word changes, and viola, “The Midnight Train”.

Budding possibilities

I would like to say that we played the new song perfectly, last night, and that I can offer you a listen here and now. But I can't. The song needs to develop over a few weeks of being played by the band to fine tune it before we make a suitable recording.

Popular flower

I do have some video I took at the butterfly tent that I think you will enjoy.

Today’s Fluttery Video;

Life Is Good

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