Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warm Spell

Broken Records

Joseph’s coat Saturday evening

Hot time in the old town this weekend. More high temperature records were broken here in Redding, as well as other northern California towns. I don’t think Redding, Red Bluff, or Chico qualify as cities. Sacramento? Maybe.

Joseph’s coat today, after watering last night

San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia. Those are cities to my way of thinking.

Bigger blueberries

I got a container of ‘bigger’ blueberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday, just for the fun of it. They don’t have a lot of flavor, but that is usually the case with oversized fruit. I think it’s fun to use them with the ‘smaller’ strawberries that I got earlier in the week at Raley’s.

Agapanthus beginning to flower

The roofers have been limited to working early in the mornings, before the temperature on the roof becomes hazardous to their health. I have learned to squish my ears between the pillows to manage a semblance of sleep, drifting to and from dreamland, relative to the decibel level of activity overhead. It’s not as difficult as one might imagine.

Guilded with shades of crimson and violet

Every day here at the Treehouse, brings a new look to the flowers, trees, mountains, and grasses. I am happy to have the time, and interest, for observing and photographing the activity in the world around me. Throughout my life I have taken pictures, including a few stints as a professional photographer, but I don’t recall experiencing the level of interest and joy that I have now.

Artistically edged mature roses

The equipment is a lot more magical and fun these days. I don’t really miss loading film and mixing chemicals for each step of the process, and modern cameras are a pleasurable experience to operate.

Stages of development

I am hoping that the next time people are working up on the roof it will be because they are installing solar panels so we can enjoy our air conditioning without burning coal, oil, or natural gas to provide our electricity.

Today’s Inspiring Video;

Abundant Love Of Life

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