Sunday, July 28, 2013


Can Be Revealing

New rose Thursday

I think it would be good for everyone if we write, or at least petition for, a bill that would require that congressman not be allowed to vote on legislation if they have received money from those who would be affected by that vote.

Not so new rose Friday

163 congressmen have received money from the Koch brothers in exchange for a pledge to oppose any legislation that would address climate change or regulate the fossil fuel industry. Those congressmen have voted against every attempt to cut carbon emissions, and any bills, laws, or amendments that would curb toxic pollution from coal and gas burning power plants. (New Yorker Article)

Driveway rose Thursday

Defense industries paid all but 16 of the lawmakers who voted on the issue of NSA phone spying. The ones who were paid the most voted to allow the NSA to continue. (Read More)

Driveway rose Friday

The sad thing is that big money is running the peoples government, no matter what party we support. Too many Democrats and Republicans vote according to who pays them the most.

Different view new rose Thursday

So, I would suggest a law, or rule that disqualifies lawmakers from voting on issues where their vote has already been purchased by interested parties. If they haven’t any moral backbone, perhaps another law will at least help keep them honest.

Beautiful when roasted Friday

The images today look at roses encountering daily 100+ temperatures.

The sunset was on Friday.

Sunset from the Treehouse

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The Dance Of Love

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