Friday, July 26, 2013

Looking At The World

Closely And Conversely

Berries over bananas and raisins

I am inclined to wonder if there can be very much nutritional value left in cereal flakes after all the cooking, washing, grinding, toasting, preserving and packaging the process entails. I suspect that the best nutrients in a bowl of cereal are the milk, any added fruit, and the sugar you put on it.

There are at least 3 birds in this image, including a quail

I took a few pictures of various birds, scratching and pecking their way along the fenceline. I was behind a rose bush, about 50 feet away, and taking pictures through the bush so I wouldn’t frighten the birds.

Looks like a flamenco dancer

When I put the images up on the computer, I could see how wonderfully the birds are camouflaged. If I hadn’t been watching them as long as I did, it is likely that I wouldn’t have seen most of them.

Quail family picnic, (5 birds)

It is good to have the opportunity to observe and enjoy the non human residents that live here at the Treehouse. I get to study, and photograph our plant, animal, and fungal neighbors, watching them experience life from their different perspectives.

New flowers appear after a week of 100+ temperatures

Tonight, (Thursday), was the Shasta Blues Society Jam, and all 4 core musicians of the Phil Seymour Band were there to play the first hour. We are playing well together. That is a good thing.

Pair of mockingbirds

I really enjoy seeing people dancing to, and happily singing along with songs I have written. It fills my heart with happiness to be a creative part of this magical shared experience.

Not so super, still spectacular moon

I have been keeping my air conditioning set at a chilly 77 degrees, so far this summer. After a few more weeks of 100 degree temps, I will likely change the setting to a cool 80. I am finding it is all relative, and as my body becomes accustomed to the warm temperature, approximately 20 degrees reduction can feel refreshingly cool.

Today’s Video;

Rolling Wheels

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