Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loony Legislators

Loose In America

Loony Duet     (Photo - Margaret Miller)

Last night’s moon was super. It is fine for Luna to be loony, but after reading some of the wacky, unrealistic, unwarranted, stuff that the right wing congressmen are submitting as thoughtful, well crafted, proposals, I wonder about the mental state of the people who voted for the latest pile of pathetic policy pedlars?

Small butterfly siphons delicious clover nectar

These dimwits are paid millions by the Koch brothers to deny climate change, and they do it, condemning their children’s, children to a future of collapsing ecosystems and the associated clamor of displaced people all over the planet seeking shelter and sustenance.

Bee pollinating Jackie’s strawberry plants

But, of course I know how people can vote against their own interests. They watch Fox news, and listen to talk radio, all day, everyday and night until their minds are no longer their own. I know some of these people. They actually believe high paid hucksters like Rush Limbaugh when he reads the script, (approved by the Koch brothers), that says the problem with our economy is caused by the minimum wage, the poor, the disabled, and those lazy old people on Social Security.

Strawberries falling out of their bed

Their Amygdala’s are so badly infected, that no amount of fact, logic, or reason can penetrate their clouded thinking. The only way that they can get their own minds back, is to unplug from the right wing echo chamber for several weeks. Without the constant dosage of propaganda, people will eventually be able to think for themselves again.

Earth, July 19th Photographed from Saturn, and from Mercury (NASA)

As you can see, by these images, not everyone is lost in the Republican echo chamber.

There are many people in this country, and all over the world, using their brains and imaginations to explore space, and examine the systems that earth needs to nurture life as we know it. Think of the science, design, manufacturing, and development that made those pictures possible.  

Bud today, flower tomorrow

I guess what set me off, today, was reading about the punitive interest rates proposed for student loans. This is another part of the Koch brothers agenda to privatize education until it excludes the 99%. Ultimately, only children of the one percent will be able to afford a higher education.

They are already providing millions of dollars in campaign funds to elect right wing candidates to school boards in cities across the country. They then disband busing programs that bring various cultures, and income brackets together in public schools. At the same time, these infiltrated school boards are closing those public schools in minority and poor neighborhoods, while building charter schools in the more affluent, (white), areas of town.

A rose grows in 100+ degree summer

Should you wish to hear other voices for sanity and a sustainable way of life, you can find them HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Still, I care about my friends. Trying to wake them with facts, or contrary information, seems to strain relationships. So, I approach them like they have suffered a blow to the head, and the poor devils have temporarily lost their senses. (In a way, that’s true)

I avoid riling them up, unless they become insufferable, in which case it is better to gaze at a distant point and exclaim, “Oh, look. There is something bright and shiny”.

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