Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keeping It Real

While Singing Someone Else’s Story

Our neighborhood vulture

Each time I sing a song, I like to immerse myself in the story. The more I become the character(s), the richer the experience is for me. If the resulting performance is convincing, the observer can feel it too.

Talk about schizophrenia.

If I am doing my job as a performer, I must become that person in the story, combined with my personality and style. I love doing this.

Made in the shade

I guess one has to be a little crazy to be a singer/performer. It’s a lot like acting, except each song is another role in another play, (but I get to put my own spin on each character).
No wonder I have so much fun.

Peggy returns to P&P

Peggy Richardson is back to the piano, (Actually, her back is to the audience. - It would be hard for her to play if her back was to the piano), happier and healthier after a brief absence from the Monday Jamboree at the Treehouse.

Moon from the Treehouse

Have you ever noticed how many people are persuaded to judge, and wish harm to someone they actually know nothing about, other than what they have heard on the news?

Lovely oleander flower, (blossom?)

Tonight is the Shasta Blues Society Jam. Bass player, Billy Strong will play with the Phil Seymour Band tonight, after recuperating from a back injury. It will be nice to see him able to play again.

Corn as high as a baby elephant’s eye

If you like to read books written by Janet Evanovich, you won’t want to miss, “The Heist”,  co-written with Lee Goldberg. It is a good read and didn’t disappoint this fan.

In the light of day

Here in Redding, it is a nice, hot, 100+ Fahrenheit degree day. Good for sunflowers.

I hope your day is filled with life and love, wherever you may be.

Today’s Video Presentation;

Character Development

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