Saturday, July 6, 2013

Long Way From The Sun

Still Plenty Warm

A day in the sun

Today, (Friday), we are as far from the sun as we will be for 2013. 

It was interesting when I was 7 years old, and I first learned about the Earth having a tilted axis. During the winter, we are closer to the sun than we are in the summer. It is still fascinating, to me. More

This July 3 storm spawned over 1,200 lightning strikes

In spite of the millions of dollars spent by the fossil fuel industry promoting denial of global warming, the planet continues to get hotter.

Oleander doesn’t seem to mind the heat

These are the same industries that want to extract coal, oil and gas from our country to sell on the world market. We are paying them, (subsidies and tax breaks), to remove our resources and export them to other countries for enormous profits. Crazy, but true.

Mockingbird sentry warns of intruder cat

In the meantime, I haven’t had to wear my thermal underwear anytime in the winter since 2007. They are still in the unopened package from when I bought them for the Redding winters.

Of course, with climate change, there is the very real possibility that we will experience an unheard of freak winter storm that plunges the thermometer to record lows. Then I may appreciate having those long johns in the dresser drawer.

Enjoying a 113 degree afternoon

There is an interesting interactive map of the states revealing which members of congress have been paid by the fossil fuel industry to deny global warming and stifle any emissions regulation or restrictions on coal, oil, and gas industries. You can find who, and how much they are paid HERE.

Beauty with sunburned petals

In other news;

The Monday Jamboree at the Treehouse with P&P was a cool place to hear some hot music and share the happy energy. It’s fun to sing the variety of songs we come up with each Monday afternoon.

Red rose and white fence

The Phil Seymour Band didn’t play on July the 4th. The Shasta Blues Society decided everyone would be out boating and having barbeques, so there was no Thursday night Jam.

The band, or some of it, will be playing at Johnny’s on Sunday for the Jefferson State Blues Society. We play early, 5pm, before the jam begins at 6.

Fun with the view of Mount Lassen

The LMP Trio will be getting together to play in the Bay area in August. I look forward to performing with Leona and Marian again.

I am really fortunate to have all this music in my life.

Today’s Illuminating Video;

Hot Cha Cha

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