Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cooler Days

Only In The 90’s

Yellow roses on bountiful bush

I think that tomorrow, I will be able to photograph some bees. They have been staying close to their hives while the 100+ temperatures were here. They would overheat and expire if they tried to forage when it is extremely hot and dry.

Pink in the evening sun

I saw some bees in the clover this afternoon, but not on the roses, yet. I am sure the workers are anxious to bring pollen back to the hungry hive bees. The entire colony shares the same food supply.

Blue Jay relative of the mockingbirds

Researchers have finally narrowed down the cause of colony collapse among honeybees that has killed off 10 million hives in the last 6 years; Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and herbicides are in the pollen that provides the food for the bees. More than 30 different chemicals were detected in some of the hives food supplies. (Bee Informed)

Red rose and friends

The solution is already available, but there is a lot of money tied up in chemically treated industrial agriculture and big agri corporations are willing to fight to the death, (of bees), to defend their high profit, soil killing, Roundup ready, patented GMO seed, business model.

Lovely, rugged rose

Independent food production studies in several countries throughout the world have published statistical data that found organic, and natural methods of agriculture to be as productive as the industrial agricultural model that is being used by Monsanto worldwide.

And, of course, chemical free pollen and nectar means healthier bees. We need bees because most of the crops that we depend on for food get pollinated by bees.

Lone yellow

Of course, I don’t think industrial agriculture will willingly give up their huge profits or their control of the worlds food supply. Look at the way they reacted to the California proposition to print, "Made with GMO’s", on food labels.

Anyway, now we know for certain what is killing off the world’s bee populations; Agricultural chemicals.

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